: : : Fate / Stay Night: Volume 3 - Master & Servant

Fate / Stay Night: Volume 3 - Master & Servant

===Story=== Obsessed with obtaining the Holy Grail at any costs, Shinji and his Servant, Rider, press their attack on a still weakened Saber. Thus it becomes imperative for Saber to begin training Shirou to improve his martial skills and aid her in the battles to come. When the final confrontation with Rider comes along, Saber is forced to reveal her hand. Who is she really? Saber's true identity is finally exposed, but which Epic Hero is she? ===DVD Features=== · Rider's Diary


Sam RegalShirou Emiya
Kate HigginsSaber
Mela LeeRin Tohsaka
Liam O'BrienArcher
Sherry LynnSakura Matou
Julie Ann TaylorTaiga Fujimura
Taylor HenryKirei Kotomine
Tony OliverLancer
Jennifer SekiguchiIllyasviel von Einzbern
Michael McConnohieBerserker
Doug ErholtzShinji Matou
Karen StrassmanRider
Patrick SeitzSouichirou Kuzuki
Tara PlattCaster
David VincentAssassin

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