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===Story=== It's clear right from the opening episodes of its third season that Farscape has finally developed into a grown-up show. There's a new self-confidence and a new maturity here that's entirely welcome after the often wildly erratic tone of the second season. The production design and high-quality effects work remain true to the show's original quirky style, although both the look and the more adult-themed scripts have become progressively darker. Season 3 is the year when the Wormhole story arc takes precedence, as the interactions between John Crichton and his nemesis Scorpius become ever more complicated (involving various different clones, real or "neural", of both antagonists). It's also the year that some major characters die, new ones are introduced, and Crichton (well, one version of him anyway) and Aeryn finally consummate their relationship. Moya's crew endures a vertiginous emotional roller-coaster ride when powerful issues of love, loyalty, and sacrifice loom large. They must also face their sternest challenge yet as the series' biggest story arc reaches an explosive climax aboard Scorpius's Command Carrier. Anyone who has not followed Farscape extremely closely from the very beginning of season 1 will be utterly baffled by the convoluted plotting and complex character interactions. But for fans, this is the show's most rewarding year. ===DVD Features=== *Deleted scenes *In-depth cast interviews *Audio commentaries *Cool Farscape facts by Paul Simpson (author of Farscape: The Illustrated Companion series guides) *Character histories *Set, prop and costume galleries *TV promos *Official plot synopsis


Ben Browder
Claudia Black

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