: : : Fancy Lala - Rise to Stardom

Fancy Lala - Rise to Stardom

===Story=== Once again, Miho explores the world of mystery with her magic pen and sketchbook. This time, Miho discovers that her older sister used to be just like her when she was 9 years old. She also has an opportunity to work with her mom for a television program. But does she see what she wants to see? On the other hand, there is some excitement at school over her teacher's love life when a junior detective tries to unravel a mysterious love triangle. And to top it off, she faces a major crisis when strange twin sisters try to expose Lala's true identity! Includes: Episode 19: Something Chisa Left Behind
Episode 20: Together With Mom?! Episode 21: Mr. Asaka's Girlfriend?! Episode 22: The Scoop! Lala's Identity Revealed! ===DVD Features=== *Animated *Color *NTSC


Shinobu Adachi

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