: : : Fancy Lala - Taking Center Stage

Fancy Lala - Taking Center Stage

===Story=== With Lala's debut CD a hot-seller, she is very busy throwing the first pitch for the regional baseball tournament and appearing on various television shows. But just when things are going well, Miho encounters all sorts of troubles when there's a hitch in the memories of time and no one seems to know who she is anymore. She also travels through Toyland with a stuffed bear to rescue a princess. Is this real or is Miho dreaming? Includes 4 Episodes: Episode 11 - The Spectacular Pinch Hitter! Episode 12 - Who Are You? Episode 13 - The Lala and Hiroya Scandal! Episode 14 - Miho in Toyland! ===DVD Features=== *Animated *Color *NTSC


Shinobu Adachi

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