: : : Family Plot
===Story=== Alfred Hitchcock's final film is understated comic fun that mixes suspense with deft humor, thanks to a solid cast. The plot centers on the kidnapping of an heir and a diamond theft by a pair of bad guys led by Karen Black and William Devane. The cops seem befuddled, but that doesn't stop a questionable psychic (Barbara Harris) and her not overly bright boyfriend (Bruce Dern, in a rare good-guy role) from picking up the trail and actually solving the crime. Did she do it with actual psychic powers? That's part of the fun of Harris's enjoyably ditsy performance. ''--Marshall Fine'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Karen BlackFran
Bruce DernGeorge Lumley
Barbara HarrisBlanche Tyler
William DevaneArthur Adamson
Ed LauterMaloney
Cathleen NesbittJulia Rainbird
Katherine HelmondMrs. Maloney
Nicholas ColasantoConstantine
Alfred HitchcockSilhouette at Office of Vital Statistics

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