: : : Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest

Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest

===Story=== The laughs come full Force when the Griffin clan puts a freakin' sweet spin on the greatest sci-fi saga ever told! With Peter playing the swashbuckling Han Solo, Lois as the sexy Princess Leia, Chris as an adolescent Luke Skywalker, Brian as a well-spoken Chewbacca, and Stewie finally embracing his dark side as Darth Vader, who knows what will happen. Filled with outrageous gags, spaced out droids and more intergalactic satire than you can shake a lightsaber at, this epic spoof is a must-own for every fan of Family Guy! The episode title comes from the code name used when filming Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. ===DVD Features=== '''Standard Edition:''' *More than four minutes of exclusive DVD material *Uncensored Track *Animatics/Commentaries *Interviews with Seth MacFarlane and George Lucas *Teaser of next Star Wars spoof, Something, Something, Something Dark Side '''Special Edition:''' *Family Guy Presents: "Blue Harvest" Standard Edition DVD *Collectible Packaging *3-D Fight Scene *3-D Glasses *T-Shirt *Trading Cards *Exclusive Brochure


Seth MacfarlanePeter Griffin as Han Solo / Brian Griffin as Chewbacca / Stewie Griffin as Darth Vader / Glenn Quagmire as C-3PO / Tom Tucker as Imperial Newscaster / Carter Pewterschmidt as Uncle Owen
Alex BorsteinLois Griffin as Princess Leia / Barbara Pewterschmidt as Aunt Beru
Seth GreenChris Griffin as Luke Skywalker
Mila KunisMeg Griffin
Mike HenryCleveland Brown as R2-D2 / John Herbert as Obi-Wan Kenobi / Bruce the Performance Artist as Greedo / Fouad as Imperial Officer
Lori AlanDiane Simmons as Imperial Newscaster
John G. BrennanMort Goldman as Jawa
Chevy ChaseClark Griswold
Beverly D'AngeloEllen Griswold
Mick HucknallHimself
Phil LaMarrOllie Williams as Imperial Meteorologist
Rush LimbaughHimself
Helen ReddyHerself
Alec SulkinVarious
John VienerVarious
Patrick WarburtonJoe Swanson as Biggs Darklighter
Adam WestMayor Adam West as Grand Moff Tarkin
Mark HentemannOpie as Tusken Raider
Judd NelsonJohn Bender

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