: : : Falling in Love Again
===Story=== The big selling point of this film is spelled out immediately in the credits: "And introducing Michelle Pfeiffer as Sue Wellington." It also gives one pause to consider that Pfeiffer's career may have never evolved had she not had a passing resemblance to a young Susannah York. York, who aided, abetted, and produced this clunker, plays Sue Lewis, wife of Harry Lewis. Harry (Elliott Gould) is a businessman living in the past. The past he's reliving is the New York of 1944, where he and his buddies conspired to get him set up with the best-looking girl in the boroughs, Sue Wellington. It's only a slight moment of prophecy, but the first time Pfeiffer appears on screen she has a halo around her head. The rest is a loping ''Bowery Boys'' comedy that tries to turn serious at the end but just ends up the epitome of bathos. The best reason to get this is to fall in love again with the girl who would be Catwoman. ''--Keith Simanton''


Elliott GouldHarry Lewis (Present Day)
Susannah YorkSue Lewis (Present Day)
Kaye BallardMrs. Lewis (1940's)
Michelle PfeifferSue Wellington (1940's)
Marian McCargoMrs. Wellington (1940's)
Steven PaulStan the Con (1940's)
John MirandaIdiot (Present Day)
Bonnie PaulHilary Lewis (Present Day)
Tony O'DellDonny Lewis (Present Day)
John DiehlBeaver (1940's)
Twink CaplanMalinda (1940's)
Terrence EvansBeaver (Present Day)
David CarusoYoung Neighborhood Boy

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