: : : Eye See You
===Story=== What do you get when you cross the director of ''I Know What You Did Last Summer'' with Sylvester Stallone? You get a slasher film in which the victims are not screaming, scantily clad teens, but parka-clad cops. Whether that's an improvement on the genre is open for debate. With ''Eye See You'' (which never hit U.S. theaters but was released internationally as ''D-Tox''), Stallone's career has officially "Van-Dammed." But the role of FBI special agent Jake Malloy is something of a dramatic departure. Unable to catch a cop killer before he nastily dispatches his girlfriend (wouldn't you know; right before Jake was about to propose!), Jake takes to the bottle. He enters a snowbound rehab center for cops housed in the Wyoming mountains. The demons Jake must confront are not just psychological. A killer is stalking the residents one by one. Shallow characterizations and ham-fisted dialogue are good for armchair heckling, but for Stallone fans, this will be of interest as even more of a career curiosity than ''Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot''. ''--Donald Liebenson'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Dolby


Sylvester StalloneJake Malloy
Charles S. DuttonHendricks
Polly WalkerJenny
Kris KristoffersonDoc
Christopher FulfordSlater
Jeffrey WrightJaworski
Tom BerengerHank
Stephen LangJack Bennett
Alan C. PetersonGilbert
Hrothgar MathewsManny
Angela AlvaradoLopez
Robert ProskyMcKenzie
Robert PatrickNoah
Courtney B. VanceReverend Jones
Sean Patrick FlaneryConner
Dina MeyerMary
Rance HowardGeezer
Frank PellegrinoJimmy

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