Exorcist: The Beginning review
What a disappointment

The good:

-Some scenes were funny
-Disgusting scenes trademark of Exorcist films
-Interesting setting/location

The bad:

-Wierd story that makes no sense
-Some scenes are so played out


OK, this movie was a good attempt at reviving the EXorcist series, but it didn't really succeed. The whole African location thing was cool, and the scenes were for the most part interesting, but otherwise, this movie blows. The disgusting scenes are there as usual:

1. Hyenas rip a kid to shreads, and he still doesn't die. Just cries and moans, which makes it worse
2. Crow pecks out a dead guy's eyeballs
3. The guy with all the boils, and when his decaying body is found
4. When the lead character woman bleeds from her DANGER ZONE
5. The scene with the still-born baby
6. When the tribe is trying to voodoo James the little "possessed" kid, and one of the tribesmen gets his leg broken

Overall, this movie managed to keep me interested, but afterwards, this movie is pretty easy to forget, except for all the nasty scenes

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