: : : Exit to Eden
===Story=== Garry Marshall, the man behind ''Pretty Woman'', has made two movies here. One is based on Anne Rice's erotic novel of a fantasy island where dreams are fulfilled and sexuality is open to all, led by a congenial dominatrix (Dana Delany) and a glowing new recruit (Paul Mercurio of ''Strictly Ballroom''). The other is a farcical comedy-action movie, which is what you saw in the ads. Savoy Pictures must have been unsure of to how to market the movie, and they pushed the secondary action of pop songs, needless narration, and even a few noticeable dubs. Amazingly, though, the film works by the end as a guilty pleasure, thanks to the four principals. Delany finally ripples on the big screen, Rosie O'Donnell has her first confident work since ''A League of Their Own'', Dan Aykroyd becomes a comic mainstay, and best of all is Mercurio. The brooding stud is a delight, and is sure to launch a million fans as the loverboy who finds a sweet love story. Agreeable stuff if you really want Rice's erotic novels turned into cute TV-ish comedies. With, as always, Hector Elizondo. ''--Doug Thomas''


Dana DelanyLisa Emerson
Paul MercurioElliot Slater
Rosie O'DonnellSheila Kingston
Dan AykroydFred Lavery
Hector ElizondoDr. Martin Halifax
Stuart WilsonOmar Tillington
ImanNina Blackstone
Sean O'BryanTommy Miller
Stephanie NiznikDiana

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