: : : Everybody's Famous!
===Story=== This terrific, heartfelt Belgian comedy won a much-deserved Academy Award® nomination for Best Foreign Language Film in 2000. Jean dreams of giving his daughter Marva a better life than the endless slog in the factory for which he fears she's destined. He does everything he can to launch her to singing stardom, but Marva, shy and overweight, finds the contests she enters humiliating and can barely conceal her contempt for Jean (as well as the songs he composes for her). Then fate comes along in the guise of beautiful singing star Debbie and a few sleeping pills Jean has handy. For all its broad comedy plotting, ''Everybody's Famous'' has a shining, gentle spirit and offers a touching portrait of proud fatherhood, including moving little moments such as Jean sitting on the concrete and listening through a window just to hear his daughter sing. This movie is so charming you can't help but enjoy it. ''--Ali Davis'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Widescreen


Josse De Pauw
Eva van der Gucht

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