===Story=== A truly extraordinary cast breathes glorious life into Susan Minot and Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Cunningham's adaptation of Minot's beloved novel Evening. The film is a timeless, universal, and deeply emotional story about the secrets we share and the defining moments of connection between mothers and daughters, family and friends, and the loves of our lives.


Claire DanesAnn Grant
Toni ColletteNina Mars
Vanessa RedgraveAnn Lord
Patrick WilsonHarris Arden
Hugh DancyBuddy Wittenborn
Natasha RichardsonConstance Haverford
Mamie GummerLila Wittenborn
Eileen AtkinsThe Night Nurse
Meryl StreepLila Ross
Glenn CloseMrs. Wittenborn
Ebon Moss-BachrachLuc
Barry BostwickMr. Wittenborn
David FurrRalph Haverford

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6.0 / 10