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American Pie ripoff


Sometimes, a raunchy teenage comedy comes along that is just right, but Eurotrip is not that movie. Yes, there is lots of cussing, scatological humor, hot naked women and drugs, but everything has a forced, artificial feel to it. It's like the film is trying to have viewers believe it is funny because the filmmakers say it is, not because it actually is. There are some inspired moments, but most everything falls by the wayside to broad generalizations and cheap laughs

The frequent nudity and crude humor serve mainly to keep the viewer awake. Eurotrip never gets to the point where it is boring, but it skirts close to it at times. In the end, it doesn't matter if Scott ever makes it to Mieke (although it is blatantly obvious that he will). What matters is what weird things will happen to each person as they trek across Europe. Like most other raunch fests, Schaffer feels the need to develop some emotion to make the film redeeming. He does, but when it finally happens, it feels arbitrary, although the foreshadowing was about as subtle as a sledgehammer.

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