: : : Eureka - Season One
===Story=== The sleepy Pacific Northwest town of Eureka is hiding a mysterious secret. The government has been relocating the world's geniuses and their families to this rustic town for years where innovation and chaos have lived hand in hand. U.S. Marshal Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) stumbles upon this odd town after wrecking his car and becoming stranded there. When the denizens of the town unleash an unknown scientific creation, Carter jumps in to try to restore order and consequently learns of one of the country's best kept secrets. ===DVD Features=== *Audio Commentaries *Deleted Scenes *Outtakes *Podcasts *Webisodes


Colin FergusonJack Carter
Salli Richardson-WhitfieldAllison Blake
Greg GermannProfessor Warren King
Jordan HinsonZoe Carter
Joe MortonHenry Deacon
Erica CerraDeputy Jo Lupo
Neil GraystonDouglas Fargo
Meshach PetersKevin Blake
Matt FrewerJim Taggart
Debrah FarentinoBeverly Barlowe
Maury ChaykinMajor William Cobb
Rob LaBelleWalter Perkins
Garry ChalkColonel Briggs
Jennifer ClementSusan Perkins
Shayn SolbergSpencer Martin
Zak LudwigBrian Perkins
Tamlyn TomitaKim Anderson
Saul RubinekDr. Carl Carlson

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