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Hitomi, Allen, and Van finally confront the Zalibach Emperor Dornkirk. Later, however, it's time for a wedding. Bride-to-be Millerna asks Hitomi for a tarot card reading, and she lies about what the cards hold for Millerna's wedding. Has Hitomi's disillusionment with Van given Folken the chance he needs to test the Fate Alteration engine?

18. The Gravity Of Destiny
19. Operation Golden Rule Of Love
20. False Vows

DVD Features

  • Animated
  • Color
  • Full Screen
  • NTSC


Minami Takayama
Jyurouta Kosugi
Ikue Ootani
Jouji Nakata
Tomokazu Seki
Narumi Hidaka
Yuri Amano
Koji Tsujitani
Shinichiro Miki

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