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In his homeland of Alagaesia, a farm boy happens upon a dragon's egg -- a discovery that leads him on a predestined journey where he realized he's the one person who can defend his home against an evil king.

DVD Features

Single Disc:

  • Audio Commentary with Director Stefen Fangmeier

    2-Disc Special Edition:

  • Audio Commentary with Director Stefen Fangmeier
  • Extended and Deleted Scenes with Optional Dicretor's Commentary
  • Inside the Inheritance Trilogy: The Magic of Eragon Documentary
  • Eldest - The First Two Chapters of the Second Book in the Inheritance Trilogy
  • The Inhabitants of Alagaësia Chracter Featurettes
  • Arya's Ambush Original Animatic Sequence with Optional Director's Commentary
  • Vision of Eragon Conceptual Art Gallery
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Original and Unused Storyboard Galleries
  • Christopher Paolini Interview
  • The Secrets of Alagaësia Visual Effects Featurettes
  • Saphira's Animation Guide CGI Featurette with Director's Commentary
  • Original Teaser Trailer & More!


    Ed SpeleersEragon
    Jeremy IronsBrom
    Sienna GuilloryArya
    Robert CarlyleDurza
    John MalkovichGalbatorix
    Garrett HedlundMurtagh
    Alun ArmstrongUncle Garrow
    Christopher EganRoran
    Gary LewisHrothgar
    Djimon HounsouAjihad
    Rachel WeiszSaphira
    Steve SpeirsSloan
    Joss StoneAngela

  • nuk7889 and 22 others watched Eragon
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    Oct 14, 10 7:25pm
    Hard. Eragon
    Oct 14, 10 7:25pm
    Got so far but then the ds ran out of battery and I hadn't saved. Eragon
    Jun 21, 10 12:32am
    Not exited like MHFU, but still amazing with me!How about U? Eragon
    Lesley Pro_04
    Jun 06, 10 5:27pm
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    Feb 06, 10 10:16am
    I like Paolini's series, therefore I must like starwars. Probably should watch them. Eragon
    Dark Silver
    Oct 25, 09 4:08pm
    Fun game the first few times through. Eragon
    Oct 10, 09 11:09am
    This book is so much better than the movie Eragon
    full game alchemist
    Aug 08, 09 7:36pm
    love dragons Eragon
    Aug 03, 09 11:46pm
    Box Office Eragon
    Jul 12, 09 4:06pm
    Yes, yes. Characters: Good. Acting: Good. 'CG`: Really quite good. Overall stuff: "B.`` Eragon
    Jun 12, 09 12:16am
    Good book if u ever need 2 read XD Eragon PC
    Jun 06, 09 2:30pm
    It was o.k. but I didn't like how he kept using big words like haunch sorta................. Eragon
    May 28, 09 3:43am
    ... Eragon
    Apr 12, 09 3:02pm
    Read the book! Eragon
    Mar 20, 09 12:44am
    difficult Eragon
    Feb 06, 09 2:44am
    Very cool Eragon
    Jan 24, 09 1:04pm
    i've had it for two years still haven't finished it Eragon
    Jan 01, 09 5:50pm
    Very good Eragon
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