Enemy at the Gates review
Alright war movie


This movie is German, but spoken in full English. It takes place during the battle of Stalingrad, which pitted Germans against Russians in World War II. The cast is primarily from abroad (except Jude Law), which is why I didn't really get into this movie. At times, Enemy of the Gates is interesting, and at other times, it borders on average. This is because of its partially successful attempts to merge a love story and a battle. The latter story, which uses the fight between two snipers, succeeds. There will be many comparisons made to the beginning of this movie to Saving Private Ryan. Jude Law finds himself in the midst of the horrific battle. People around him are dying, and there is nothing he can do. The footage is grainy, and the camera moves violently, as if it is part of the battle.

Unlike most other war movies, the main characters cannot just charge forth with guns ablaze. They must sit and wait patiently for the correct opportunity to arise. They sit in old warehouses and run through shell-ravaged Stalingrad. The city is in ruins, and all the inhabitants are grimy and look as if they are barely hanging on. Still, Enemy at the Gates switches back and forth between the love story and the real story, lessening the overall tension, which reflects upon the movie as a whole.

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