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End of Days review
Another devil movie?


Arnold is finally back in a full-out action film. His action movies have slowly lessened in violence, making them less fun to watch. End of Days is somewhat of a return to the classic Schwarzenegger form, lots of blood and guts, and he gets to fight the Devil. With the millennium nearing, everyone and their mom want to do an end of the world movie (The Omega Code, Lost Souls, Last Night, Bless the Child, Stigmata), and here is the one that will probably be the most violent.

The special effects are what separates this movie from the lowest levels of gayness. It is a guilty pleasure to watch Arnie fire thousands of bullets at people and things exploding all over the place. The mood and the sets of End of Days are dark and foreboding, even the church looks like its been abandoned for years. The younger male fans of Schwarzenegger will probably also enjoy the nude and sex scene in the movie. Interestingly, the ending shown is different from the original one filmed. Apparently, some priests viewed the original ending as too blasphemous; the reshoot is more spiritual, haha. Utterly forgettable, but almost enjoyable, End of Days puts Scharzenegger right back where he left off. And that may not necessarily be a good thing either.

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