===Story=== At the core of a conspiracy for a new world order lives a mutant girl who's made an army's worth of enemies. Protected only by a couple of college kids, Kohta and Yuka, the horn-headed Nyu is pursued by those who would destroy her and those who would use her to destroy humanity. But, as her caregivers catch glimpses of Nyu's past as the vicious Lucy, will they continue to risk their lives to protect hers? Is Lucy's trail of carnage somehow connected to Kohta's own dark past? It won't take much to upset this fragile peace. Between the bubble baths and the bloodbaths, the predators and the puppies, the world of Elfen Lied is a world of pure innocence and explosive chaos. When the dust settles, the future of the human race depends on one horn-headed girl. Contains Episodes 5 - 7 ===DVD Features=== Clean Opening/Clean Closing
Character Artwork
Production Artwork
Shocking Reverse Cover Art
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