: : : ef ~ a tale of memories: Complete Collection

ef ~ a tale of memories: Complete Collection

===Story=== It was a normal Christmas Eve for Hiro Hirono... Until some random girl took his bike away to go after a thief that had stolen her purse. After a short while, Hiro finds the girl collapsed in the ground. He awoke her and they started talking. They decided to spend that night together and Hiro learns that the girl's name is Miyako, and that she attends the same school as him. Since that they day, they have spent more and more time together. Hiro's childhood friend, Key Shindou, is jealous because Miyako develops feelings for Hiro. And thus, a bizarre love triangle begins.


Motoki TakagiRenji Asou (Japanese)
Clint BickhamRenji Asou (English)
Hiro ShimonoHiro Hirono (Japanese)
Greg AyresHiro Hirono (English)
Gwang Ju JeonHiro Hirono (Korean)
Hiroko TaguchiMiyamura Miyako (Japanese)
Luci ChristianMiyamura Miyako (English)
Junko OkadaKei Shindou (Japanese)
Brittney KarbowskiKei Shindou (English)
Sin Jeong HanKei Sindou (Korean)
Natsumi YanaseChihiro Shindou (Japanese)
Monica RialChihiro Shindou (English)
Yumiko NakajimaYuuko Amamiya (Japanese)
Carli MosierYuuko Amamiya (English)
Sayaka AokiSumire Asou (Japanese)
Tiffany GrantSumire Asou (English)
Mai GotouMizuki Hayama (Japanese)
Hilary HaagMizuki Hayama (English)
Kouichi ToochikaYuu Himura (Japanese)
David MatrangaYuu Himura (English)
Nobiki KaoriEmi Izumi (Japanese)
Allison SumrallEmi Izumi (English)
Kenji HamadaKuze Shuuichi (Japanese)
Illich GuardiolaKuze Shuuichi (English)
Yuuki TaiKyosuke Tsutsumi (Japanese)
Chris PattonKyosuke Tsutsumi (English)

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