: : : Dying Gaul
===Story=== A psychological thriller set in the Hollywood elite. A fledgling screenwriter (Sarsgaard) is offered a million dollars by a slick and ruthless studio exec (Scott) for his script - a personal story about his lover who died of AIDS. The only catch is that he has to change the film's male character into a female. The grieving writer is seduced both creatively and emotionally into a Faustian decision.


Patricia ClarksonElaine Tishop
Campbell ScottJeffrey Tishop
Peter SarsgaardRobert Sandrich
Robin BartlettBella
Ebon Moss-BachrachOlaf
Kelli O'HaraLiz
Dee Dee FloresEmad
Elizabeth MarvelKelli Cartonis
Bill CampMalcolm Cartonis
Linda EmondDr. Marta Foss

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