: : : Dying Breed
===Story=== In Tasmania several convicts had escaped one of the toughest penal settlements known as Sarah Island and disappeared into the nearby forests. However, only Alexander Pearce emerged, complete with chunks of human flesh on him, leading the people to hang him for cannibalism and creating the legend of "Pieman". Many years later a group of explorers enter the forests in an attempt to obtain proof of the existance of the Tasmanian tiger that is believed to have gone extinct. Their little trip is about to take on a turn for the worse as they find another legacy not ready to die. Pieman's legacy lives on and the group soon find themselves hunted by those with a taste for human flesh.


Peter DockerAlexander Pierce
Mirrah FoulkesNina
Nathan PhillipsJack
Leigh WhannellMatt
Bille BrownHarvey
Melanie VallejoRebecca

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