===Story=== Laura Linney (Kinsey) stars as Laura Marshall, an overzealous, evangelical Christian do-gooder who fills her home with down-and-out boarders, including a senile, cross-dressing murderous mute. Desperate to expand his horizons, Laura's shy teenage son Ben (Rupert Grint, of Harry Potter fame) lands a job tending to self-proclaimed "Dame" Evie Walton (Julie Walters), an over-the-hill actress with the mouth of a drunken sailer and an insatiable lust for life. The battle for Ben's soul begins as Evie shanghais Ben away from his repressive roots and takes him on an adventure that transforms him from boy to man — almost over his raging mother's dead body! ===DVD Features=== *Deleted Scenes *Outtakes


Rupert GrintBen Marshall
Laura LinneyLaura Marshall
Oliver MilburnPeter
Tamsin EgertonSarah
Nicholas FarrellRobert Marshall
Jim NortonMr. Fincham
Julie WaltersEvie Walton

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