: : : Driven to Kill
===Story=== Steven Seagal plays Ruslan Drachev, a notoriously brutal enforcer for the New York contingent of the Russian mafia. After a lifetime of living on the edge within the shadows of the city, Ruslan decides to give up a life of murder to become a bestselling crime novelist. But after returning to his old turf to visit his family, Ruslan is devastated to discover that his daughter is engaged to an old enemy. After his wife is shot dead and his daughter fatally wounded during the wedding ceremony, Ruslan begins a lethal, bone breaking saga of retribution.


Steven SeagalRuslan
Mike DopudBoris
Igor JijikineMikhail Abramov
Robert WisdenTerry Goldstein
Inna KorobkinaCatherine
Zak SantiagoDetective Lavastic
Alexander RafalskiAlex
Laura MennellLanie
Aleks PaunovicTony
Ingrid TorranceDetective Norden
Sergei NasibovIlya
Dmitry ChepovetskyStephen Abramov
Crystal LoweTanya

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