: : : Dreamcatcher
===Story=== After four friends perform a heroic act as children and gain psychic powers in return, they reunite every winter in Maine to hunt, drink and celebrate the special bond they share. However, this year's reunion is ruined when a lost and disoriented hunter stumbles upon their camp mumbling about strange lights in the sky. Soon after, horrific creatures begin to emerge and a heavily armed government operative, led by the psychotic Colonel Curtis (Freeman), attempts to take over the area. Challenged to stop this alien force, the friends must confront an unparalleled horror while they take part in an all-out battle to rescue the fate of humanity. ===DVD Features=== *DreamWriter - An interview with Stephen King (A look at Stephen King and the process he went through when writing Dreamcatcher) *DreamMakers - A journey through the production *DreamWeavers - The visual effects of Dreamcatcher *Lifted Scenes and Original Ending *Teaser Trailer


Morgan FreemanCol. Abraham Curtis
Thomas JaneHenry
Jason LeeBeaver
Damian LewisJonesy
Timothy OlyphantPete
Tom SizemoreOwen
Donnie WahlbergDuddits

  • Genre: Horror Movies
  • Director: Lawrence Kasdan
  • Producer: Warner Brothers
  • Length: 136 min
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaMar 21, 2003
  • Ratings
    North AmericaR
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaSep 30, 2003
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