: : : Dragonfly
===Story=== "Belief gets us there," explains nun Linda Hunt to grieving widower Kevin Costner, an emergency room doctor whose ordered world is startled by "messages" from his dead wife. She's talking about the journey from life to death, but it describes the doctor's road from fact to faith equally well as he puzzles out the otherworldly events of his life. Costner's mourning comes off less lost and sad than simply emotionless and inert, but he finds good support from Kathy Bates as his sassy neighbor. Her appearances, along with a few startling horror-movie-type shocks, energize a film otherwise shrouded in loss, grief, and the hushed mood of supernatural spookiness. It's like a fusing of ''Ghost'', ''The Sixth Sense'', and ''The Mothman Prophecies'', a New Age melodrama in a sentimental key that works through a rather contrived mystic mystery to a glowing climax. This is less a ghost story than a modern twist on the old-fashioned miracle. ''--Sean Axmaker'' ===DVD Features=== *Widescreen *Dolby *DTS Surround Sound


Kevin CostnerJoe Darrow
Susanna ThompsonEmily Darrow
Joe MortonHugh Campbell
Ron RifkinCharlie Dickinson
Kathy BatesMrs. Belmont
Robert Bailey Jr.Jeffrey Reardon
Jacob SmithBen
Jay ThomasHal
Lisa BanesFlora
Matt CravenEric
Casey BiggsNeil Darrow
Leslie HopeCharisse Darrow
Peter HansenPhillip Darrow
L. Scott CaldwellHead Nurse

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