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Episode 258: The Innards of Buu
Vegetto uses a barrier to survive, revealing he'd intentionally been swallowed to rescue the others. Somehow being inside Buu causes Vegetto to defuse. Vegeta crushes his earring to prevent future fusion. He and Goku explore Buu's stomach and are attacked by a giant worm. Dende and Mr. Satan hide from Buu, who is ransacking the earth.

Episode 259: Mind Trap
Buu gets indigestion and uses the toilet. Goku and Vegeta travel to Buu's brain and battle Buu's memories of Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan. Then Buu's thoughts turn to food and sweets appear in the fighters' places. Goku and Vegeta find their friends trapped in cocoons.

Episode 260: Visions of Deadly
Vegeta and Goku free Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks, causing Super Buu to revert to the weaker Buu. Buu figures out what's going on and sends a vision of himself to fight Vegeta and Gohan in his own brain. This vision seems to be invincible.

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