: : : Dragon Ball Z Vol. 81 - Fusion - The Last Saiyan

Dragon Ball Z Vol. 81 - Fusion - The Last Saiyan

===Story=== Episode 254: Meet Vegetto
Vegetto fights Buu with great power. After a long round, Vegetto powers up to Super Saiyan. Meanwhile, Bulma, ChiChi, Videl and Debura search the Other World for Gohan. Episode 255: Rip in the Universe
Vegetto continues to fight Super Buu evenly. Buu gets angry and nearly rips a hole in the universe. Yamcha and Krillin are allowed to keep their bodies in the Other World and train on Supreme Kai's planet. Yamcha fights with Olibu. Episode 256: Vegetto... Downsized
Following an intense battle, Super Buu transforms Vegetto into a piece of coffee candy and prepares to eat him. Dabura, ChiChi, Bulma and Videl continue searching for Gohan in the Other World. Videl senses Gohan far away. The others decide it's because she loves him. Episode 257: The Incredible Fighting Candy
Vegetto starts fighting Super Buu as a piece of candy, ramming him like a cannonball. The spell wears off and Vegetto regains his form. He beats up Buu so bad that Buu's regeneration powers start to fail. Vegetto counts to ten before he's going to kill Buu. Buu takes the opportunity and absorbs Vegetto. ===DVD Features=== Trailers


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