: : : Dragon Ball Z Vol. 79 - Fusion - Ambush

Dragon Ball Z Vol. 79 - Fusion - Ambush

===Story=== Episode 248: A Whole New Gohan Gohan starts fighting Buu, revealing his unbelievable new powers. Goten and Trunks try to immediately refuse to help, but not enough time has passed. Goku and the Kais reflect on what has happened. Episode 249: Search for Survivors
Gohan fights Majin Buu and clearly has the advantage. Then Buu destroys himself and, after regenerating, goes into hiding. Gohan finds Mr. Satan and then Dende. Dende tells how Mr. Popo threw him to the earth to save him. Buu appears, but rather than fight Gohan, he challenges Gotenks. Episode 250: Majin Buu Transforms Majin Buu shoots out slime that covers Piccolo and Gotenks, and then absorbs them into his body. With the added power of Gotenks and the wisdom of Piccolo in his body, he becomes a transformed Buu. Gohan powers up to fight him, hoping to hold him off for 30 minutes until Gotenks defuses and the transformed Buu reverts. ===DVD Features=== Trailers


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