: : : Dragon Ball Z Vol. 76 - Fusion - Evil Buu

Dragon Ball Z Vol. 76 - Fusion - Evil Buu

===Story=== Episode 239: The Evil of Men
The snipers blow up Buu's house. Mr. Satan beats up the snipers. Buu heals the puppy and rebuilds his house. Everything is good until the sniper returns and shoots Mr. Satan. Buu heals Mr. Satan, then Buu's anger swells up and spawns a second, evil Buu. Episode 240: Buu Against Buu
The evil Buu fights Buu, and the evil Buu turns Buu into chocolate and eats him. This transforms evil Buu into a new, more powerful Buu that can now sense auras. He heads towards Kami's Lookout. Trunks, Goten, and Gohan continue to prepare. Episode 241: Empty Planet
At Kami's lookout, Buu releases a flood of fire that kills nearly all the people left on Earth. Buu demands to fight Trunks and Goten, but Videl convinces him to wait one hour. Goten and Trunks go to spend that time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Gohan's sleeping powers are starting to be released by the old Kai. FUNimation Productions ===DVD Features=== Trailers


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