: : : Dragon Ball Z Vol. 73 - Majin Buu - Defiance

Dragon Ball Z Vol. 73 - Majin Buu - Defiance

===Story=== Episode 229: Race to Capsule Corp. Idasa's mom tells Babidi where Trunks lives; the Capsule Corp. Buu and Babidi head there. Trunks flies home to retrieve the Dragon Radar, while Goku zaps over to Buu to distract him. Episode 230: Super Saiyan 3?! Goku transform into Super Saiyan 3 to distract Buu while Trunks looks for the radar with little luck. Episode 231: Buu's Mutiny
Goku fights Buu until Trunks finds the Radar, then powers down and retreats. Annoyed by his nagging master, Buu kills his master. Gohan practices with the Z Sword. ===DVD Features=== Trailers


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