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Dragon Ball Z Vol. 68 - Babidi - Rivals

===Story=== Episode 214: Vegeta's Pride
Babidi agrees to warp Goku to the desert so he can fight Vegeta away from innocents. Supreme Kai tries to prevent the battle but cannot. Babidi has awoken all of Vegeta?s hatred, yet because of Vegeta?s pride Babidi cannot control him. Vegeta is only interested in fighting Goku. Episode 215: The Long Awaited Fight
Goku and Vegeta fight, with all the energy they lose being absorbed for Buu. Gohan and Supreme Kai confront Babidi and Dabura at the ship?s core and see the balled-up Buu. Episode 216: Magic Ball of Buu
Gohan and Supreme Kai prepare to fight, but are halted when Buu gathers enough power from Vegeta and Goku to hatch. Vegeta reveals he willingly let Babidi posses him because the increase in his power would allow him to beat Goku. Their fight goes on. ===DVD Features=== Trailers


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