: : : Dragon Ball Z Vol. 51 - Cell Games - The Games Begin


Episode 160: The Games Begin
The wait is over – the Cell Games must now begin! The Z-Fighters arrive ringside, only to discover another challenger already on the scene. It's none other than World Martial Arts Champion, Mr. Satan!

Episode 161: Losers Fight First
Mr. Satan steps into the ring to take Cell down – but not so fast, Champ! Caroni and Pirozhki, Mr. Satan's top students, make a spectacular entrance, ready for a piece of the action! Don't miss the fun, because this is one ship of fools that's sinking fast…

Episode 162: Goku Vs. Cell
The main event begins! Now free of distraction, Goku steps into the ring to face Cell. The earth shakes and the heavens tremble as these two mighty super-powers collide! And that's just the warm up!

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