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Episode 138: Sacrifice
Tien takes matters into his own hand - and head! With an onslaught of psychic blasts, Tien drives back Cell and gives Android 16 and 18 a chance to escape. But Tien's powerful move is draining ghis strength, and the brave fighter is about to collapse. Tien may saved the androids, but can ge save himself?

Episode 139: Saiyans Emerge
Trunks and Vegeta emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber after a year of intense training. What new powers do these Saiyans possess? Goku and Gohan are next in the room, but with Cell hunting down Android 18 and nearing his completion, can the fighters afford to wait another day?

Episode 140: Super Vegeta
Anxious to find 18, the heartless Cell obliterates a chain of inhabited islands, with each explosion bringing him closer to the androids' hideout! But heading Cell's way is Vegeta! He's fresh from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and ready to test his new strength. Is Vegeta really stronger than a Super Saiyan?

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