: : : Dragon Ball Z Vol. 37 - Androids - Dr. Gero

Dragon Ball Z Vol. 37 - Androids - Dr. Gero

===Story=== The Secret of Dr. Gero
In his first fight as a Super Saiyan, Vegeta takes control of the battlefield and defeats Android 19 in a convincing fashion! Unwilling to share 19¹s fate, Android 20 runs for cover in the mountains! Now Vegeta and the rest of the Z-Fighters must find the diabolical Android and put a stop to his evil ways. The hunt is on! More Androids?! Vegeta, Piccolo, and Gohan lead an exhaustive search through the mountains for the wily Android 20. But all is not as it seems ­ the hunters are also the hunted! Android 20 lurks in the shadows, ready to strike, and it looks like Piccolo is his first target! Can the mighty Namek withstand the Android¹s energy-draining attack? Follow Dr. Gero
Our heroes make a startling discovery ­ Android 20 is none other than the evil Dr. Gero himself! But this new revelation may have come too late, for the diabolical doctor has fled to his secret laboratory, where he intends to awaken two more killer Androids! Can the Z-Fighters stop him in time? ===DVD Features=== Scene Selection
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