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The Androids Appear
Three years have come and gone, and the day of reckoning has finally arrived! The Androids are here, just as Trunks predicted, and they are wrecking havoc on an unsuspecting city! Goku and his friends must now put their training to the test, but are they ready to face these mechanical monsters?

A Handy Trick
Yamcha is held at the mercy of the ruthless Android 20, and Goku and the others must race to help their friend. Believing their power to be bar superior, the Androids temp Goku¹s rage by leveling half the city! But there¹s one thing the Android¹s didn¹t count on ­ Goku¹s a Super Saiyan!

Double Trouble for Goku
The battle with the Androids begins in earnest as Goku launches an all out assault against Android 19. The Super Saiyan seems to have the fight well under control, but something is horribly wrong! Goku¹s strength is mysteriously fading away! And Android 19 isn¹t slowing down!

Upgrade to Super Saiyan
Attacked from within from a crippling virus, Goku is helpless against the maniacal Android 19. But just when it looks like the end for Goku, Vegeta appears on the scene! And he¹s got a few big surprises in store for the Androids!

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