: : : Dragon Ball Z Vol. 34 - Trunks - Prelude to Terror

Dragon Ball Z Vol. 34 - Trunks - Prelude to Terror

===Story=== Welcome Back Goku After handily beating Frieza and his evil father, King Cold, the mysterious stranger announces the exact time and place of Goku's arrival on Earth. But can this young Super-Saiyan predict the future?! Gohan and the others are determined to find out! Mystery Revealed After testing Goku in battle, the mysterious stranger reveals his true identity! But what does his timely arrival portend?! In a startling conversation with Goku, this powerful emissary from the future tells all! Goku's Special Technique The future has been written -- or has it? That's what Goku and the rest of the Z fighters must decide as they learn of Trunk's ominous warning. The Androids are coming! And they might be bringing the end of the world with them!
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