: : : Dragon Ball Z Vol. 33 - Trunks - Mysterious Youth

Dragon Ball Z Vol. 33 - Trunks - Mysterious Youth

===Story=== Frieza's Counterattack
Gohan's cracking the books, and his new tutor is cracking the whip! But study time is almost over, for a powerful evil is racing toward the Earth! Gohan's worst fears have come to life -- Frieza has survived! The Mysterious Youth The Earth faces it's darkest hour as Frieza and his father King Cold rapidly approach! And without Goku to assist them, the Z fighters prepare to launch a desperate battle against the most powerful evil the universe has ever known! Another Super Saiyan? Frieza and King Cold have descended upon the Earth but a mysterious lone warrior has come to thwart their diabolical plans of revenge. Does this brash young hero have what it takes to stand up to these twin titans of evil?
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