: : : Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Saga Vol. 03: Into The Wild


Episode 07: Day 1
Gohan begins his first day of Piccolo's training. Alone in the wilderness, he must quickly learn to take care of himself. But that isn't easy when he's tired, hungry -- and being chased by hungry dinosaurs! If Gohan's first day is this dangerous, how will he ever survive for the second?

Episode 08: Gohan Goes Bananas!
Krillin receives a startling message. Korin wants him to gather Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu and report for special training! And if that weren't enough, he and Roshi still have to find a way to tell Chichi what's happened to Goku and her son. Meanwhile, Gohan's training causes him to undergo a shocking transformation!

Episode 09: The Strangest Robot
Gohan awakes in the wilderness to find his tail gone and a new set of clothes on his back. But the puzzled boy has little time to figure out what happened before a group of wild animals try to have him for breakfast! The chase leads Gohan into the depths of an ancient cave, where he meets an old Capsule Corp robot. The robot has lived alone in the cave for over 30 years and he's not happy to have visitors!

DVD Features

Goku Vs Vegeta Featurette
DBZ Trivia


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