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Dragon Ball Collection 10: Piccolo Jr. Saga Part 1

===Story=== Episode 123: Lost and Found
With Piccolo's reign of terror at an end, Goku has time to mend his wounds. As he heals he learns that there may be a way to revive his lost friends, a face to face meeting with the creator of the Dragonballs! The only problem is that the only way to get to the mysterious Kami is by using his Power Pole, and it's gone missing! Episode 124: Temple Above The Clouds
Goku finds his lost Power Pole and uses it to climb to Kami's temple in the sky. The only problem is that when he arrives he must face off against Kami's assistant Mr. Popo in a test of strength. Does Goku have what it takes to pass this test and earn a meeting with the mysterious Kami? Episode 125: Earth's Guardian Emerges
The moment has arrived for Goku to come face to face with the amazing Kami, Guardian of Earth! But even the wise Korin could not prepare Goku for what he will see when the mysterious Guardian emerges! Episode 126: Eternal Dragon Resurrected
After Goku mistakes Kami for the villainous Piccolo it is time for the young warrior to begin his grueling three year training for the next World Martial Arts Tournament. In exchange for Goku's promise Kami agrees to revive the Eternal Dragon! Episode 127: Quicker Than Lightning
Goku's first task under his new teacher is a death-defying mission to the top of Mount Rumble to fetch the legendary Sacred Crown. But the mystical artifact has a deadly secret! Goku will have to be quicker than lightning to accomplish this task alive! Episode 128: Secret of the Woods
Continuing his training, Goku follows Popo's instruction and enters the deep, dark woods. While searching for a worthy sparring partner, Goku stumbles across a surprising discovery hidden deep within the secluded labyrinth and finds help a most unexpected way! Episode 129: The Time Room
Goku journeys through time, where he meets a young Master Roshi! But Roshi has a problem of his own, his arch rival, Shen! While the two rivals battle for the affections of the same girl, Goku attempts a new power with the help of Master Mutaito. Episode 130: Goku's Doll
Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it!? Goku learns this lesson the hard way when he asks Popo for the ultimate sparring partner to aid in his training. What he gets is the battle of his life! Meanwhile, Yamcha and the others continue their long journey to reach Korin's Tower, in hopes of receiving training from the wise Master. Episode 131: Walking Their Own Ways
Preparing for the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku gets some important training tips from Mr. Popo. Meanwhile, Tien, Yamcha, Chaiotzu and Krillin make their way to Korin's Tower for some training of their own. Unfortunately they are sidetracked by a village celebrating a mysterious festival to their mountain spirit. Once the mountain erupts it?s up to our heroes to put a lid on the active volcano! Episode 132: Hotter Than Lava
While Goku continues his training, Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu and Krillin find themselves in a very hot situation! A remote village is threatened by an erupting volcano and it's up to the good guys to put a lid on it. The time has come to put their new training to the test! Episode 133: Changes
Warriors the world over are lining up to compete as the World Martial Arts Tournament prepares to get under way. Unfortunately, all of Master Roshi's pupils are missing, including Goku. With the entry-deadline approaching, the competitive future of our heroes looks bleak, as does Roshi's patience. Episode 134: Preliminary Peril
The World Martial Arts Tournament gets underway as Goku and the others compete in the exciting preliminary round. But the competition threatens to turn ugly when Goku gets a visit from an old adversary. Episode 135: Battle of the Eight
The preliminary round continues as Goku, Yamcha, Krillin, and Tien battle one opponent after another in hopes of advancing to the semi-final round. Meanwhile, Master Roshi is confronted by an old rival. Episode 136: Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao
The Tournament gets underway as Tien Shinhan battles his former mentor turned cyborg, Mercenary Tao. Tensions run high as the former assassin attempts to take Tien down, permanently! Episode 137: Anonymous Proposal
Goku takes on his most lovely opponent yet in the second match of the World Martial Arts Tournament. Known only as Anonymous, the beautiful warrior's identity is as mysterious as her fierce anger toward Goku, who must win the match in order to learn her real name. ===DVD Features=== Trailers
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