: : : Dr. Giggles
===Story=== Strictly for horror buffs with an appetite for gratuitous gore and bloodshed, ''Dr. Giggles'' is appropriately titled, since the title character (played by Larry Drake, best known as Benny from TV's ''L.A. Law'') is a psychotic killer who chuckles uncontrollably as he eviscerates his victims. Having escaped from a mental hospital, he returns to the town where he was raised to seek bloody revenge on those responsible for the death of his mad doctor father. His chosen payback method is a lot of unnecessary surgery. But then he takes pity on a teenaged girl who desperately needs a heart transplant. Of course, he's got plenty of involuntary donors! That should tell you enough to know if you'd actually want to watch this movie, which is actually worth a few laughs--or at least a few giggles--if you're into this kind of thing. Drake puts everything he's got into his performance, and you have to admire his effort in the service of a lost cause. ''--Jeff Shannon''


Larry DrakeDoctor Evan Rendell
Holly Marie CombsJennifer Campbell
Cliff De YoungTom Campbell
Glenn QuinnMax Anderson
Keith DiamondOfficer Joe Reitz
Richard BradfordOfficer Hank Magruder
Michelle JohnsonTamara
Doug E. DougTrotter

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