: : : Doctor Who: Series 2 Volume 5
===Story=== Episode 11 - Fear Her: When the TARDIS lands in 2012, the Tenth Doctor plans to show Rose the London Olympics. However, ordinary children are vanishing into thin air, a mother living in a seemingly normal British household is trying to hide her daughter's unnatural powers from the world, and a demonic presence lurks in an upstairs cupboard. Episode 12 - Army of Ghosts: Ghostly beings have been regularly appearing across the world and people, believing them to be their dead loved ones, are welcoming their visits with open arms. When the TARDIS arrives at the Torchwood Institute, the Tenth Doctor and Rose are taken prisoner. They are drawn into the investigation of a mysterious sphere kept in Torchwood Tower, and monstrous foes return as two universes collide. Episode 13 - Doomsday: Humanity is caught in the crossfire as the Cybermen and the Daleks wage war against each other. When the mysterious Genesis Ark opens, the Tenth Doctor is faced with an impossible decision: saving the world could mean the death of Rose Tyler. ===DVD Features=== There are no extra features included with this DVD.


David TennantTenth Doctor
Billie PiperRose Tyler
Catherine TateThe Bride/Donna Noble
Nina SosanyaTrish (Fear Her)
Abisola AgbajeChloe Webber (Fear Her)
Edna DoreMaeve (Fear Her)
Tim FaradayTom's Dad (Fear Her)
Abdul SalisKel (Fear Her)
Richard NicholsDriver (Fear Her)
Erica EirianNeighbour (Fear Her)
Stephen MarzellaPolice Officer (Fear Her)
Huw EdwardsCommentator (Fear Her)
Camille CoduriJackie Tyler (Army of Ghosts/Doomsday)
Noel ClarkeMickey Smith (Army of Ghosts/Doomsday)
Tracy-Ann ObermanYvonne Hartman (Army of Ghosts/Doomsday)
Raji JamesDr Rajesh Singh (Army of Ghosts/Doomsday)
Freema AgyemanAdeola Oshodi (Army of Ghosts)
Hadley FraserGareth (Army of Ghosts)
Oliver MellorMatt (Army of Ghosts)
Barbara WindsorPeggy Mitchell (Army of Ghosts)
Derek AcorahHimself (Army of Ghosts)
Alistair AppletonHimself (Army of Ghosts)
Trisha GoddardHerself (Army of Ghosts)
Shaun DingwallPete Tyler (Doomsday)
Andrew Hayden-SmithJake Simmonds (Doomsday)
Paul KaseyCyber Leader (Doomsday)
Nicholas BriggsVoice of the Dalek and Cyberman (Doomsday)

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