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Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks

===Story=== Tom Baker returns as the Doctor in this his fourth story Genesis Of The Daleks. The Doctor re-visits the war-torn planet of Skaro - on a mission from the Time Lords themselves. Their mission is to put a halt to mad scientist Davros' plan to mutate aliens into a breed of killing machines - later to be known as Daleks - and in doing so alter the course of history. ===DVD Features=== - Commentary with Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Peter Miles (Nyder) and director David Maloney - Genesis of a Classic - cast and crew recall working on the story in this specially shot documentary - The Dalek Tapes - new documentary narrated by Terry Molloy (who plays Davros in other Doctor Who stories), that tells the story of the Doctor's most iconic villain, including rare footage from programmes such as Blue Peter - Blue Peter; a March 1975 item looking at a collection of Doctor Who models - Doctor Who 1976 Annual as a PDF - Radio Times Billings - Photo Gallery - Subtitle production notes


Tom BakerFourth Doctor
Elisabeth SladenSarah Jane Smith
Ian MarterHarry Sullivan
Michael WisherDavros and Voice of the Daleks
Peter MilesNyder
Stephen YardleySevrin
Harriet PhilpinBettan
Dennis ChinneryGharman
James GarbuttRonson
Guy SinerRavon
Jeremy ChandlerGerrill
Drew WoodTane
Andrew JohnsKravos
Tom GeorgesonKavell
Ivor RobertsMogran
Richard ReevesKaled Leader
Peter MantleKaled Guard
Michael LynchThal Politician
Pat GormanThal Soldier
Hilary MinsterThal Soldier
John GleesonThal Soldier
Max FaulknerThal Guard
John Scott MartinDalek
Cy TownDalek
Keith AshleyDalek
Roy SkeltonVoice of the Dalek
John Franklyn-RobbinsTime Lord

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