: : : DNAngel: Ice And Darkness - Volume 6

DNAngel: Ice And Darkness - Volume 6

===Story=== A tragic love lost in time has Daisuke under its spell. The mysterious Second Hand of Time has suspended time for the lovely Freedert, who awaits the return of her knight in shining armor, Elliot. Still, all good things must come to an end and this idyllic world is fading away and only Daisuke can save it. But separated from Dark, who will save Daisuke? And what of Krad and Satoshi? Is this really only one piece of a grand scheme to do away with Daisuke, leaving him trapped in time and unable to help Dark? Episodes 21 - 23 ===DVD Features=== Clean Opening Animation
Clean Closing Animation
Voice Actor Commentary
DNAngel Talk: Four
3D Scene Production: Part 2
DNAngel Unplugged: True Light Piano Solo


Miyu Irino

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