: : : DNAngel: Facets Of Darkness - Volume 3

DNAngel: Facets Of Darkness - Volume 3

===Story=== Poor Daisuke Niwa, he is just a regular kid with some extraordinary DNA. As if growing up wasn't hard enough already! Now he has to carry out super secret thefts as the Phantom Thief Darko too. He's got plenty of obstacles along the way as well. The girl he loves is in love with his alter ego... His classmate is set on destroying the Phantom Thief, in other words...him. his dad jumps back into his life after being gone for years... And on top of all that, he has a love sick rabbit! ===DVD Features=== Clean opening and closing animation
Voice actor commentary
DNAngel Talk: One
DNAngel Japanese ADR Session
DNAngel unplugged - "If I Can't Be With You..."


Miyu Irino

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