: : : DNAngel: Double Helix - Volume 2

DNAngel: Double Helix - Volume 2

===Story=== Love is never easy, but that goes double for Daisuke Niwa. The only way Daisuke can rid himself of the phantom art thief residing in his DNA is to have his love returned. The problem is Daisuke has fallen for his classmate Risa who is obsessed with his alter ego, Dark. It's Risa's twin sister Riku who seems to have eyes for him! It's not a simple task keeping track of the criss-crossing paths of these people's affections. Love is meant for couples, but sometimes it's the heart that comes in two. One thing is for sure - watching the situations these four get themselves into will always be twice the fun! Episodes 5 - 8. ===DVD Features=== Clean opening animation
Clean closing animation
Voice actor commentary
Meet Miyu Irino
DNAngel unplugged - true light


Miyu Irino

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