: : : Dim Sum Funeral
===Story=== The Xiao family, a Chinese-American family, is about to have a very large funeral. ''Dim Sum Funeral'' tells the story of a group of estranged Chinese-American siblings who reunite, albeit on one of the most somber of circumstances for any offspring. Their mother has died, and they have come together to attend her funeral. ===DVD Features===


Ling BaiDede
Steph SongMeimei
Talia ShireViola
Russell WongAlexander
Kelly HuCindy
Julia NicksonElizabeth (as Julia Nickson-Soul)
Lisa LuMrs. Xiao
Françoise YipVictoria
Chang TsengChow Lin
Adrian HoughMichael
Valerie TianEmily
Isaah BrownJason
Curtis LumBruce Lee
Lili LauDiva
Donald FongMr. Wang

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