Digimon: The Movie review
None too shabby

The good:

Provides a lot of insight on what Digimon are
Animated well enough
Translated well enough

The bad:

The final third of the movie - confusing, obviously edited to hell and boring
Forgettable as a whole


Digimon: The Movie is nothing more than three longer episodes mashed into one, and from different eras. One episode takes place in season one, one episode in season two, and one before season one. It pains me to say that this is a lot better than the large majority of Pokemon movies, because unlike Pokemon, Digimon stopped with movies when they knew that hardly anybody gave two shits. I didn't mind the movie, but Digimon as a whole is forgettable. I often don't even pay attention to see if they're still going (and if they are, *bleep* them, it should've stopped).

The first part takes part before season 1 and it shows two of the main season 1 characters as smaller kids. They see a Digimon egg hatch into a Digimon. Eventually, it evolves and defeats this large parrot that terrorises the town. Although it doesn't explain the origin of Digimon, it at least shows you what a Digimon is. The problem I have with Pokemon movies is that you have to assume that the creatures are Pokemon. Nice if it's for later ones, but the first one needs to at least make mention of something like that. Digimon does this right.

The second part takes place sometime in season 1. There is a virus that threatens to make eletricity malfunction and have this missile destroy the world, so the characters send in their Digimon (you have to watch season 1 to know about this) to go and destroy the virus. Eventually, the virus becomes too powerful even for their strongest Digimon, so they find some way to make them even stronger and finally defeat the virus. It's entertaining and actually keeps you awake.

The third part is where the movie falls down. Basically, a confused Digimon wanders around the earth. The good guys try to calm him down, but they get defeated. Eventually, the final showdown occurs, and much like the last part, even the strongest couldn't defeat this until something happens and makes them even stronger, thus defeating the confused Digimon. Not only does this seem less interesting than the last part, but it is! There seems to be many edits, because I can tell that it was meant to be longer. As well as that, it's just confusing because of the many cuts. That summary I made makes more sense. There are some plotholes in there and really leaves you asking questions. Overall, this is a boring part.

Overall, the movie is done alright, but the third part was horrible, and the entire movie is forgettable. It's worth renting if you're still a fan of Digimon.

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