: : : Demon City Shinjuku
===Story=== This 1988 OVA reunited author Hideyuki Kikuchi and director Yoshiaki Kawajiri of Wicked City (1987). Ten years after his father Genichirou was killed battling the evil Rebi Ra, teen-aged Kyoya Izayoi is called to stop Rebi from releasing demons from hell onto the Earth. Demon City borrows heavily from Star Wars: Ag'ni Rai, Genichirou's teacher, tells Kyoya that he must learn to harness the web of spiritual energy that flows among living things. This minimal training, plus his father's sword and the love of beautiful Sayaka enable Kyoya to destroy Rebi Ra. The film is oddly paced, with a long build-up to a disappointing climax, problems that are exacerbated by the very stiff vocal performances. Kawajiri uses color with his accustomed skill, especially in the monochromatic opening duel, but Demon City hardly ranks among his important works. (Unrated: suitable for ages 16 and older: violence, violence against women, grotesque imagery, brief nudity) ===DVD Features=== * Available Subtitles: English * Available Audio Tracks: Japanese (Dolby Digital 2.0), English (Dolby Digital 2.0) * Character Gallery * VD Sneak Peeks


Hiromi Tsuru
Yasuku Yara
Hideyuki Hori

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