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Years before the fast-food chain hired a talking chihuahua as its official spokeshound, Taco Bell got some high-profile product placement in this dopey thriller set in the year 2032, when the sprawling megacity of "San Angeles" has banned violence and profanity, and where virtually all the restaurants are Taco Bells. (So much for democracy!) Sylvester Stallone plays an ex-cop who's been thawed out after 36 years of imprisonment for manslaughter, and Wesley Snipes plays his nemesis who also emerges from deep-freeze and proceeds to wreak havoc. It's not nearly as funny as the similarly plotted Austin Powers,; but this special-effects-laden comedy-thriller does have a few highlights, including the pre-stardom Sandra Bullock as the cop-trainee who teaches Stallone proper behavior (and sexual etiquette) in the future's conservative society. Co-starring is Rob Schneider as a frantic sidekick who matches Stallone's one-liners with idiotic wit. --Jeff Shannon

DVD Features

  • Color
  • Closed-captioned
  • Dolby
  • Widescreen


Sylvester StalloneJohn Spartan
Wesley SnipesSimon Phoenix
Sandra BullockLenina Huxley
Nigel HawthorneDr. Raymond Cocteau
Benjamin BrattAlfredo Garcia
Bob GuntonChief George Earle
Glenn ShadixAssociate Bob
Denis LearyEdgar Friendly
Grand L. BushZachary Lamb
Mark ColsonWarden William Smithers
Don McGovernHopper
Bill CobbsZachary Lamb
Jack BlackWasteland Scrap
Jesse VenturaCryoCon
Rob SchneiderErwin

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